Gas Pump Myths (and some Truths)

With gas prices soaring, there are a lot of myths and legends surrounding “hacks” to save at the pump. Not all of these are actually true. Don’t waste your time and effort on the false mythology of the gas pump.

Here Kristin and Aaron debunk the myths and show the truths that might lurk behind some of them.

2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport review

In this walkaround review, I look at the 2022 Atlas Cross Sport, the smaller, sportier version of the big Atlas SUV from Volkswagen. This one has a roomy interior, big cargo space, and a lot of nice things going for it. There are some downers, though, like the MPG rating (and real-world) and austere interior layout.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach-e GT: 0-60 in WHAT?

In this walkaround review, Aaron battles the wind and explains the newest Mustang, the Mach-e in its GT variant. This all-electric sport utility is faster than any other Mustang model ever made and features some great looks and strong handling. Here’s Aaron’s take.

2022 Volkswagen Golf R hot hatch review

In this walkaround review, I look at the all-new 2022 Golf R, Volkswagen’s all-wheel drive hot hatch. Several things have changed for this new year, including more power under the hood and a larger back seat. The manual transmission is a nice little six-speed and definitely the way to go with this one.

Kristin and Jill: Rebelle Rally Participants First Interview

In this episode, Kristin and Aaron talk with Kristin’s drive partner for the 2022 Rebelle Rally, Jill Ciminillo. Jill is the other half of with Tim Esterdahl and is a well-known and highly respected automotive journalist. She and Kristin will work closely together over the coming months to perfect their teamwork for the Rebelle, which happens in October.

Find out what it takes to get into the Rebelle Rally, why these two chose to team up, and how they got Hyundai to sponsor a Santa Cruz pickup truck for the event.

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