Review: 2022-23 Range Rover defines posh off-roading

The fifth-generation Range Rover has debuted as the 2022 model of Land Rover’s luxury model. An updated look, improved on-road driving feel, and more British flair are added. In typical Rover fashion, the new model debuts alongside the old one to make things more confusing. Read the review at

2023 Chevrolet Equinox interior walkthrough

This interior walkthrough looks at the best part of the Equinox, which saw a redo in 2022. The 2023 model has one of the best interiors of the two-row SUV market and that’s always been this Chevrolet’s highest sell point. Here’s why.

Review: 2023 Lexus LX 600

The biggest Lexus SUV gets an overhaul and looks great! Gone are the weird fold-down third row cargo hoggers and in is a new, turbocharged powertrain and vastly improved infotainment experience. The LX is now a 600 and far outpaces its previous generation.

Aaron Turpen: Roundabouts — Evil Efficiency Monstrosities or Bastions for Intelligent Drivers?

Oh, the roundabout. Harbinger of evil and dissector of driver intelligence. Wyoming has several roundabouts, most of which are located at major intersections where traffic is often busy only at intervals rather than all the time. Roundabouts will, theoretically, reduce vehicle emissions, improve traffic flow, and decrease accidents. In the …

Review: 2023 Mercedes Benz EQE

The Mercedes EQ lineup is where the company plans to place all of its electric vehicles going forward. Most of them have an existing equivalent in the standard gasoline line. For the EQE, that’s the E Series. Sized similar to that model, the EQE uses the same underpinnings as the larger EQS and the SUV-styled EQB. And it’s really, really good. Smooth, comfortable, and very useful as a daily driver. Well done, Mercedes-Benz!

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