Review: 2022-23 Range Rover defines posh off-roading

The fifth-generation Range Rover has debuted as the 2022 model of Land Rover’s luxury model. An updated look, improved on-road driving feel, and more British flair are added. In typical Rover fashion, the new model debuts alongside the old one to make things more confusing. Read the review at

Coffee and a Concept: Jaguar XJ13 V12 Prototype Racer

In the mid-1960s, Jaguar’s engineering director William Heynes wanted to build a race-winning car for Le Mans. While he got his dream of building the car, it was never raced or produced beyond the single, gorgeous, and powerful prototype XJ13 V12 Prototype Racer. Read about it at Car News Cafe.

2022.5 Land Rover Range Rover is Next-level Luxury

The 2022 model year Range Rover is split between the previous-generation and the new fifth-generation model. This confusing setup happens because the model year designations for Land Rover differ in Europe versus the United States and what’s left of the previous-gen Rover is being sold in a pared-down trim lineup …

Review: 2022 Jaguar F-Pace won’t soil your driveway

Jaguar debuted the F-Pace in 2017 and its I-Pace electric twin in 2019. The F-Pace is mid-sized and is offered in both a four- and a six-cylinder engine option. After a significant amount of facelift surgery last year, the 2022 Jaguar F-Pace sees few changes, with just a couple of …

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