Hyundai working on assist option for deaf drivers

Hyundai has developed technology to improve the driving experience for the deaf. The communication system converts sounds inside and outside of the car into tactile and visual aids. Hyundai’s new technology combines artificial intelligence and sound sensors alongside two separate driver assist systems working together. The Audio-Visual Conversion (ACV) and …

Fleet of Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks to roll out from 2019

Hyundai Motor has teamed with H2 Energy to build 1,000 fuel cell-electric trucks for the Swiss market. The commercial trucks will begin rolling out in 2019, which will likely make Hyundai the first company to commercially produce a heavy-duty truck powered by fuel cells. Read about it at New Atlas.

Hyundai teases fuel cell big rig concept ahead of IAA

The Hyundai Motor Company has teased a hydrogen fuel cell big rig ahead of the upcoming IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 exposition. Promising a European launch of the truck in 2019, Hyundai released an image and a vague statement about the vehicle before its official debut. Read about this at

Review: 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport brings Europe to America

The 2018 Elantra GT is effectively the European version of the Elantra, brought to the US and only lightly modified to fit the market. The GT Sport adds the goodness of turbocharging to the generally underpowered GT base model. We spent a week with this fun hatchback and were pretty …

2019 G70 debuts as latest in Genesis luxury brand lineup

Debuting as a new entry-level luxury performance sedan for the Genesis lineup, the G70 is billed as Genesis’ “opening salvo” into a highly-competitive segment of the US market. The G70 has a manual gearbox option, a four- or six-cylinder engine option, and will be available this summer. Read about it …

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