Hyundai Starting BotRide Service In Irvine, CA

Hyundai is starting a ride hailing service called BotRide, which will debut in Irvine, California on November 4, 2019. The service, which uses speciall outfitted Hyundai Kona Electric vehicles will provide free ride-sharing in Irvine as part of a pilot program to test autonomous vehicles and ride hailing. Read about …

Hyundai unveils hydrogen-powered commercial truck and trailer concepts

Hyundai, eager to explore commercial trucking opportunities in the US, has debuted a hydrogen-powered Class 8 heavy truck, the HDC-6 Neptune Concept, and a green-energy refrigerated trailer, the HT Nitro ThermoTech Concept. Both are being shown at the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show. Read about this at NewAtlas.

Genesis unveils all-electric Mint compact crossover-style concept in New York

Ahead of the New York International Auto Show, Hyundai’s luxury brand has unveiled a new compact concept called the Mint. Appropriately in green, the all-electric Genesis Mint Concept is a lightweight, compact two-door, two-seater designed for upper-crust city drivers. Read about this at New Atlas.

Hyundai Elevate Walking Car Concept Walks All Over CES

In the first hours after a natural disaster, it can be difficult for first responders to get to those who need their help the most. Hyundai says the need for efficient, rapid, resilient transportation in those circumstances is vital to saving lives. So they’ve developed a concept prototype called the …

Hyundai working on assist option for deaf drivers

Hyundai has developed technology to improve the driving experience for the deaf. The communication system converts sounds inside and outside of the car into tactile and visual aids. Hyundai’s new technology combines artificial intelligence and sound sensors alongside two separate driver assist systems working together. The Audio-Visual Conversion (ACV) and …

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