Q&A: Why Aren’t Companies Using Tesla Patents?

In this Q&A session, I’m asked about Tesla’s open patents and why other automotive companies haven’t taken Musk & Co up on the deal. For background, Tesla announced a few years ago that the company was going to “open source” its patents and allow other automakers to use them “in good faith.” There’s a catch. A big one. That’s why no one has jumped on board. http://www.AaronOnAutos.com

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2019 Lexus UX250h Interior Review

In this interior review, I get into the Lexus UX in its hybrid model, the 250h. This is a great looking crossover with a smart interior. There are some things that could be fixed, but the signature Lexus interior goodness comes through.

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Q&A: What Happened to Coda Electric?

In this Q&A, I answer a question about the Coda electric car and where it went. I get the dates wrong (fixed), but the rest #seemslegit. The Coda Electric story is interesting, not the least for the things it teaches about how fickle automotive can be.

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2019 BMW Z4 interior review

The 2019 BMW Z4 is an all-new rendition of the roadster from Bimmer and it may be the most Ultimate Driving Machine that the company has ever made. Here’s my take on the car’s interior.

See the full review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEfxU4WYFPo

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2019 Mazda Mazda3 interior review

In this shaky cam interior review, http://www.AaronOnAutos.com gets into the great little Mazda3 hatch in its new format for 2019. Check out the color too! Nicely done.

This video is sponsoring Stop Soldier Suicide: https://stopsoldiersuicide.org/

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2019 BMW Z4 Roadster review

Getting into the 2019 BMW Z4, I find out what makes the Ultimate Driving Machine and why this might be it. The Z4 is all-new, having seen a complete revamp this year, and it’s phenomenally well done.

See the full interior review of this car here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P8jyRq6ao8

Featured in this video is the Gary Sinise Foundation: https://www.garysinisefoundation.org/

See my interior review of this car, coming soon!

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2019 Nissan Altima interior review

In this interior shaky cam review, I get into the 2019 Nissan Altima and have a look around this all-new sedan after spending a week getting to know it. Turns out, there were still things I missed. Like how to change drive mode to Sport mode. Kind of important! Here’s the ins and outs of the all-new Altima.

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