DOE Public Charging Stations Report Is HUGE News

Big news for electric vehicles in the United States as the Department of Energy has released its annual report on electric car charging stations available nationally. The report shows a huge increase in the number of available charging options nationally, with the bulk of them happening where we’d expect.

Read the referenced report here:

2019 Chevrolet Colorado Bison interior review

In this shaky cam interior review, gets into the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado in its ZR2 Bison configuration from American Expedition Vehicles (AEV). With tons of off-road cred and a lot of truck goodness, the Colorado Bison is a great contender.

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2019 Range Rover Sport SVR interior review

This shaky cam interior review puts me in the severely awesome Range Rover Sport SVR from Land Rover’s special operations division. A very cool rig.

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Q&A: Who Makes Up a Core Design Team?

In this fan question, I’m asked about automotive core design teams. Who are the key players in a design team for a new vehicle and how do they all coordinate? I give a design process overview and list the people who’re usually involved.

Mustang By Design book review

Here I talk about my friend Jimmy Dinsmore’s book Mustang by Design, which includes not just the story of the Ford Mustang pony car, but also one of the chief designers behind it: Gale Halderman. Halderman worked in Ford’s design department for his entire career as a vehicle designer and the Mustang is one of his most iconic and well-loved works.

You can find a full written review of the book here:

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