Review: 2020 Hyundai Palisade

In this full review of the 2020 Palisade, I talk about what I learned after a week with this new three-row crossover and why it’s setting standards for the segment. Find out what good, what’s not so good, and what I learned after driving this new Hyundai.

See the full interior walkthrough here:

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2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro And Sport Review

We talk about the new Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro and the TRD Sport sibling it shares the showroom with. Both are new renditions of the Sequoia SUV, bringing new life to the often forgotten sport ute in Toyota’s lineup. The Sequoia is highly capable and very roomy and its off-road cred is undeniable in the new TRD Pro package. Here’s our take.

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We Choose Our Favorite Set It And Forget It Cars

A “set and forget” car is one that doesn’t require anything but seat and mirror adjustment the first time you get in. From there, everything is, by default, probably perfect. These are the most user-friendly and simplest of vehicles and are what those who aren’t necessarily automotive nutjobs (like we are) would probably prefer. We talk about pickup trucks, minivans, SUVs, and more that all fit this definition to us. Watch this episode of Drive Mode and see what we mean!

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The New Ford Mustang Mach-E at #HAS2020

Ford unveiled the new Mustang Mach-E electric crossover to Texas at the Houston Auto Show. Presenting was Cristina Sanders, who heads up marketing for the new Mustang.

Cristina gives us a full walkthrough of the highlights of the Mach-E, including a quick look at the funky door handles and new interior. Ford is clearly proud of this new Mustang and it definitely shines on the Houston Auto Show floor.

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The New Land Rover Defender at #HAS2020 – How Good Is It?

Kristin teams up with Teia Collier of ( while sitting in the new Land rover Defender at the Houston Auto Show. What’s it like? How does it feel? Is this really a Defender? All questions answered in this episode. Plus Teia channels her inner Aaron and a funky breakdown happens at the end. Cheggitout!

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Talking With Emme Hall About the 2019 Rebelle Rally

Emme Hall and navigator Rebecca Donaghe won the 2019 Rebelle Rally in, get this, a Rolls-Royce. This epic adventure was years in the making, and in this interview, Kristin talks with one of Drive Mode Show’s heroes, Emme, about the experience and how the Rebelle Rally changes lives.

Shown in this video are:
Emme’s writeup on taking the Cullinan into the dirt –

A snapshot of a writeup on the Rebelle Rally’s founder, Emily Miller –

Video footage from the Rebelle Rally YouTube channel –

A snapshot of the winners with their trophies –

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