2021 Chrysler Pacifica AWD Review

In this review, I look at the 2021 Pacifica minivan, now with all-wheel drive. Chrysler-Dodge have been the longest on the minivan market and with the Pacifica now fully taking over for the former best-seller in the Grand Caravan, it’s worth taking a look again. The Pacifica now has AWD in most of its gas-engine trim levels plus a new infotainment that, while really great, is missing something important.


2021 GMC Sierra AT4 Review

This review, I look at the 2021 Sierra in its AT4 package. This off-road-ready package from GMC is similar to that we saw on the Canyon AT4 reviewed recently, but is more commensurate to a full-sized pickup truck. The Sierra certainly hits a lot of the marks expected of a full-sized truck and the AT4 package is a nice option for it.

Canyon AT4 review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp-6mK5-y_M


2020 Chevrolet Corvette Review: How Does It Stack Up To a 1974 454 Stingray?

In this review, Aaron looks at the all-new, 8th-generation Corvette in its Z51 package and compares it to his friend’s 1974 Corvette 454. In this C3 vs C8 comparison, we’ll notice a lot of differences and, surprisingly, a lot of similarities. These are the most powerful versions of the Corvette for their respective generations and the commonalities are a testament to the ‘Vette always being Chevrolet’s most cutting-edge car. Check it out.


Review: 2021 GMC Canyon AT4

Looking at the good, the not so good, and finding no ugly, I get into the 2021 GMC Canyon in its AT4 off-road package. This is a good midsized truck that’s competitive against many good options on the market. Is it work the price, though? There seems to be something missing. Let’s find out.


Review: 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe

With a lot of changes coming for the 2021 model year, it’s a good time to look at the outgoing 2020 model and all it has to offer for those looking to buy right now. An improved engine option, some smart tech, and a lot of box-ticking basics covered, the Santa Fe is worth a look.


Talking Semi-Autonomous Safety (and lack thereof) with Benjamin Hunting

In this special episode, we talk with automotive journalist Benjamin Hunting, who appears regularly in many well-known publications, about automotive safety technologies. Specially “semi-autonomous” tech and the impact it’s having on driving habits. Hunting wrote a great article, referenced herein, about this subject for Inside Hook (https://www.insidehook.com/article/vehicles/semi-autonomous-safety-technology-breeding-bad-drivers).

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