3 Things My 5-year-old Said That Will Blow Your Mind

Having kids is like having your drunken friends over, but with less cursing and a lot of boo-boo kissing. My five-year-old daughter comes up with some remarks that would leave Socrates agape and asks questions that even Nicola Tesla would find baffling. Sometimes it’s deeply philosophical, other times serious science. …

Winter Driving, Vacation Road Closures, and Other Good Times in Wyoming

During a recent road trip, the occasional perils of driving across Wyoming in the winter were highlighted for us. A good vehicle, some contingency planning, and a little situational awareness went a long way toward keeping everyone safe. Our road trip took us across Interstate 80, which runs west-to-east across …

Late-Summer and Fall Camping in Vedauwoo Is a Fun Family Adventure!

West of Cheyenne, at the top of the mountains before dropping down into Laramie, is Vedauwoo. This huge open recreational area is home to countless campsites, ATV trails, mountain bike trails, and rock climbing adventures. With elevations of between 8,000 and 9,000 feet, the area is a mixture of desert …

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