Toyota to have connected vehicle technologies in the US by 2021

Toyota has announced that its Toyota and Lexus-branded vehicles will include vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies by 2021. The tech will be available in the US market that year, and the company hopes to push communications standards for both vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V). Read about it at NewAtlas.

Subaru targets families with new Ascent 3-row SUV, its largest ever vehicle

Subaru has unveiled its largest vehicle ever at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Ascent is a family-sized SUV that stretches the Subaru Global Platform to its limits to create enough space for three rows of seating. Retaining much of the look of the Ascent Concept that debuted at the …

Jaguar I-Pace Unveiled as Jag’s First Battery-Electric Vehicle

Jaguar unveiled a new production concept, the I-Pace, a battery-electric sport utility vehicle slated for production as a 2018 model. The BEV will have a four-second 0-60 mph time, a range of over 500 kilometers (311 miles), and a 90kWh battery with rapid-charge capability. Read more at

DeltaWing and DHX to shrink electric vehicle motors without compromising power

DeltaWing Technology Group and DHX Electric Machines, both based in Georgia in the US, are collaborating to build small, lightweight electric motors for automotive applications. The companies claim their electric motors are 75 percent smaller than equivalent-output motors for automotive applications thanks to engineering improvements in heat management. Read more …

Navigant Ranks Autonomous Vehicle Market Development and the Leaders Are a Surprise

If you were to name the leaders in self-driving vehicle technology and future strategies, who would you name? It’s likely you wouldn’t name the ones listed as tops in this new Navigant Research report. Hype and PR are one thing, actual work in the field is another. Read more at …

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