Review: 2021 Toyota Camry XSE

In this review, I get into the 2021 Camry in its XSE package. This is the “sporty” package for the Camry and it adds a lot of pop. But the Camry, like all current-generation Toyota sedans, suffers from headroom issues for those of us who are taller than the norm. This is otherwise a great vehicle.

We Talk Nissan Sedans and (Again) Why the Sedan Isn’t Dead

Nissan has four sedans on the market, three of which are all-new as of the last year or so. With new all-wheel drive options, far more upscale interiors, and beautiful designs, Nissan says that they’re keeping sedans alive. The Maxima, which is rumored to be on the outs, may not compete here, but the new Versa, Sentra, and Altima are ready to slug it out for the sedan market championships.

Why Did Toyota Make AWD Sedans?

In this interview, Kristin talks with TomKretschmann of Toyota about why the company moved to all-wheel drive with its sedans. Tom talks about what AWD can offer buyers, even those who don’t live in winter climates, and explains that Toyota customers have asked for this for several years.

2020 Subaru Legacy interior review

In this shaky cam interior review, I get into the all-new 2020 Legacy with its giant infotainment screen, beautiful design, and solid Subaru goodness. I have a couple of issues with a few things, but it’s overall a wonderful new look and feel for the Legacy sedan.

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The Sedan Is Not Dead!

In this episode of the Drive Mode Show, Kristin tells Aaron that sedan’s aren’t dead. He doesn’t believe her. Find out why he’s wrong and what great sedans are on the market right now. Plus a music-based free association bit at the end!

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Q&A: Why Aren’t They Making Cars Anymore?

Sedans and many coupes are leaving the American marketplace and there are many reasons for it. Most of them are cultural and about marketing. Are automakers evil, greedy companies looking to rip us off with more SUVs, or is there more to this exodus of the car?

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