Rebelle Rally Followup with Nicole Wakelin and Alice Chase

Following up on our pre-rally interview with Alice Chase and Nicole Wakelin, we find out what it was like to be a part of the Rebelle Rally, how it was taking a luxury SUV like the Infiniti QX80 into the desert, and why sand seems to get everywhere and even tight underwear is no defense. Many questions answered from these first-timer Rebelles!

See our pre-rally interview here:

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Rebelle Rally – An Interview with Alice Chase and Nicole Wakelin

In this year’s Rebelle Rally, media-turned-competitors Alice Chase and Nicole Walkelin have partnered with Infiniti to take a big QX80 SUV into the desert. The rally happens every year and features some of the most capable women in automotive. We talk with the Wander Women about their partnership with Infiniti, what it’s like to prepare as first-time competitors in the Rebelle, and ask Nicole whether or not she plans on handing out cupcakes window-to-window Gray Poupon style.

Talking with Nicole about cupcakes and cars:

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