More and More People Hide Holiday Gifts In Their Cars

Hiding Christmas gifts is nothing new. Our parents did it, their parents did it, and their parents-parents did it. Hiding presents can be an art form. Or it can be a cause for serious mental anguish. Depending on how good you are at remembering where your clever hiding spots are. …

New Audi A1 Sportback gets bigger, more tech-advanced

Audi has announced a second generation for the little A1, which will become available in the United Kingdom in November. The completely redesigned A1 Sportback is longer and more loaded with technology than was the previous-gen of the car. It also has a new exterior and interior design. Read about …

Toyota unveils a new, more capable 2019 RAV4 at New York show

The Toyota RAV4 started the compact crossover-SUV segment four generations of the vehicle ago, and now a new fifth-gen RAV4 has taken the stage at the New York International Auto Show. This new RAV4 is more robust, more capable, and smarter than any RAV4 before it. Read about it at …

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