Q&A: Why Doesn’t the Nissan Leaf Have Bigger Batteries?

Long story short, the Leaf was designed to be an affordable, compact car with a lot of utility and not necessarily as an ICE vehicle replacement. The Leaf is usually a second or third car for most buyers and is used as a primary commuter or “get around town” car and not as a weekend or travel car. I explain those points in this video.


Nissan hots up the Leaf with Nismo concept

Nissan plans to unveil several concepts at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, but perhaps the most surprising of those will be the electric Leaf Nismo Concept. This will see the world’s best-selling electric car receiving the Nismo treatment, with exterior design highlights, a revised suspension, and a retuned computer for …

Nissan CEO Ghosn talks autonomous drive, AI for cars, and turning over a new LEAF

During Nissan’s keynote speech at CES in Las Vegas, CEO Carlos Ghosn outlined the new technologies that will underpin the company’s self-driving cars and future mobility efforts. During his speech, Ghosn outlined a new NASA-derived in-vehicle artificial intelligence system for autonomous vehicles, a partnership with Microsoft for connected cars, and …

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