2018 Subaru STI review: Roomy rally car fits more than just the co-driver

“Coolest family car ever.” So said the random guy at the farmer’s market when the five of us parked the 2018 Subaru WRX STI and piled out of the car. With a huge Tokyo Drift spoiler, luminescent black paint, neon green brakes, and a hood scoop that means business, the …

New Tesla ‘Range Anxiety’ Software Is Just Like the Nissan LEAF

With much hype and a lot of fanfare, Tesla’s Elon Musk announced a new software update that will “eliminate range anxiety.” The software basically does what most other electric vehicles already do: estimates range based on certain factors and tells the driver how much battery they have left, in terms …

When should you thoroughly diagnose and when should you just buy parts?

The question above is what separates professional mechanics from the do-it-yourself driveway mechanic. This is not to denigrate either, but it’s to point out something that is often a reason for debate in our forums. The professional mechanic will always thoroughly diagnose (or at least, should) and will never “throw …

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