Review: 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid

In this review, Aaron gets into the Honda CR-V which was reintroduced with a Hybrid option for 2020. He talks about what’s different, why the hybrid might be a better option, and the good and bad with that choice. Nevermind that sleek gray color it comes with.

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Review: 2019 Honda Pilot gets a new attitude, added tech, improved shifts

The 2019 Honda Pilot has been refreshed, with an updated look and improved technology. Many advanced safety systems that were optional before are standard now, and transmission shifting is smoother in the 9-speed option. Infotainment is also more usable. Please follow and like us: Read the full review at

Honda plans to swarm CES with aids to traffic safety

Honda will be busy at CES 2019, showcasing several concepts and products related to vehicles and robotics. Among these is an interesting traffic safety system utilizing vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Honda is calling it Safe Swarm and its goal is to improve traffic flow and safety. Read about this at New Atlas. …

Honda looks to get remote work done with autonomous ATV

Honda will attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2019 with a working prototype of an autonomous all-terrain vehicle (ATV) which it’s calling the Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle. The ATV is equipped with self-driving gear and artificial intelligence, to allow it to go almost anywhere on its own. Read about …