Infotainment Distractions Study Finds Most Are Too Distracting for Driving

A study from the University of Utah has found that the infotainment features in most 2017 model year vehicles are too distracting and should not be enabled when the vehicle is in motion. The study found that in-vehicle info systems take drivers’ attention off the road too often and for …

Holograms Make Car Design Faster, More Experimental at Ford

Designers at Ford are combining traditional vehicle design methods, such as clay and current-generation prototypes, with holographic technology from Microsoft. Using Microsoft HoloLens technology, designers can visualize changes to a hard-designed object without going through the painstaking process of sculpting and molding. Read about it at

HRL Creates Method To 3D Print High-Strength Aluminum

HRL Laboratories, a combined research entity for advanced materials owned by the Boeing Company and General Motors, has come up with a way to use 3-dimensional printing to create parts made of high-strength aluminum, including AI7075 and AI6061. This method also creates a pathway towards making products from other additive-intense …

Researchers Suggest Pharmaceutical Model for Battery Innovations

Researchers at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering have proposed using the model pharmaceutical companies use to move product from research phases to market. Their paper, published in MRS Energy & Sustainability, suggests an industry model for automotive battery innovations that is based on the research-development-market model used by pharma. The …

Audi Changing Model Designations To Include kW Outputs –

Volkswagen’s luxury brand, Audi, is changing model designations and nomenclature to indicate power output in kilowatts (kW). Model names won’t change, but designations denoting the vehicle’s engine or powertrain choice will. The designations will be universal for both standard combustion engines, hybrids, and electrics. Read about this at

Infiniti Prototype 9 Is An Electric Retro Roadster

Infiniti has revealed an open-wheeled electric retro-roadster prototype at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The Prototype 9 is a re-imagining of a 1940s race car and has been designed and built with time-honored, hand-crafted techniques. The Prototype 9 is powered by Infiniti’s new electric powertrain from Nissan’s Advanced Powertrain …

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