2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV full review

In this review, I get into the revamped 2020 Bolt EV with its new front “grille,” upgraded range, and more. I drove the Bolt from Seattle to Portland and learned a lot about electric cars. My end run assessment is that the Bolt, as a regular car, is fine and range anxiety is mostly about mindset. Enjoy!


2020 Toyota Sienna interior walkthrough

In this shaky cam interior review, http://www.AaronOnAutos.com goes through the 2020 Toyota Sienna in its Limited packaging. I get into the driver’s controls and infotainment, but also climb into the back seat and show the second and third row perspectives for this minivan.

Great Vehicles For Those With Mobility Issues

Those with non-debilitating mobility issues, such as knee or hip problems, back problems, etc., need something different. While entry and exit and interior comfort are important to everyone, those with some mobility inhibitors are especially interested in vehicles that can accommodate them without modification. Here’s our list of favorites that meet this criteria.