Hyundai Santa Cruz Talkabout

In this one, I talk about the newly-released Hyundai Santa Cruz “not a pickup” truck. This is actually a very well-done vehicle that is aiming for a specific market and it will hit it really well. Check it out and lets talk about midsized trucks.

Stay tuned to the end. I want your feedback on how to move forward with a live video format.

For my writeup at NewAtlas:

Q&A: Why Doesn’t the Nissan Leaf Have Bigger Batteries?

Long story short, the Leaf was designed to be an affordable, compact car with a lot of utility and not necessarily as an ICE vehicle replacement. The Leaf is usually a second or third car for most buyers and is used as a primary commuter or “get around town” car and not as a weekend or travel car. I explain those points in this video.

2021 Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe Review

In this review, I get into the Mercedes-AMG E53 model in its coupe format. While not exactly a family car in this size, the E53 Coupe is a fun car to drive with all of the goodness associated with the Mercedes and AMG names.

Q&A: Why Turbos? Why does my MPG suck? What good is AWD?

In this question and answer video, I take on three questions sent to me. I normally just do one at a time, but I haven’t done a Q&A in a while, so this will help clear up the backlog.

First, I tackle the question of why turbochargers are being used in more and more vehicles. Next, I jump on why someone’s real world mileage is not equal to what the window sticker said. Finally, I wrestle with why more and more vehicles are being offered with all-wheel drive.

If you have a question, hit me up! You can ask via the comments below, via, or tag me on Quora with your question.

2021 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Diesel Review

This time, I go up into the hills to talk about the Jeep Gladiator in its new diesel engine option. Coming in Firecracker Red, this is a beast of a midsized truck with all the great Jeepiness one could ask for. Here’s the skinny.

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