About Aaron

Aaron Turpen is a freelance writer based in Wyoming, USA.  He writes about a large number of subjects, many of which are in the transportation and automotive arenas. Aaron On Autos is a aggregation of his far-flung writings about cars, trucks, and more.

Aaron is a recognized automotive journalist and member of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press (RMAP).  Aaron’s work has appeared on many websites, in print, and on local and national radio broadcasts including NPR’s All Things Considered and on Carfax.com.

“Through my work and life travels, I’ve met many interesting people,” Aaron says.  “I enjoy seeing new things and looking at them from a perspective that is unique from the norm.”

Most automotive writers are die-hard gear-heads who focus on horsepower, torque, and in comparing one car to another.  Aaron looks at cars from a layman’s, real-world ownership perspective, asking:

  • Will it work for the people in the market it’s aiming for?
  • How does it compare to others in that market from an ownership perspective?
  • Would someone on the High Plains, in the mountains, or living in an urban environment want to own this car?
  • Can it be maintained by the home, DIY mechanic or does it require special tools, or is it just not made for the weekend oil changer?

Coming from a background in which home-based maintenance of family vehicles was important, Aaron is familiar with oil changes, lubes, flushes, and more taking place in the garage, on the driveway, or in the barn.  In addition, he has worked in automotive disassembly and has often owned and maintained vehicles that others would have seen as “too old.”

His perspective on driving is greatly influenced by his experience as an over the road, long  haul truck driver.  He has driven commercial vehicles ranging from heavy-duty pickup trucks on up to 80,000 pound GVW tractor-trailer combinations.

With an interest in emerging and newly-developed alternative fuels and drive trains, Aaron mixed his professional driving experience with the eco-friendly transportation movement to create EVmeme.com, the only website dedicated to green, commercial transportation that has a qualified professional as its owner-operator.

With his unique background and enthusiastic look at real-world vehicle ownership, Aaron brings an unusual perspective to the automotive press.

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