Checking Out the Ford Focus Electric and Escape EcoBoost

Checking Out the Ford Focus Electric and Escape EcoBoost

I was invited down to Denver, Colorado to check out the new Ford Focus Electric, which hits showrooms in Denver this week, and the 2013 Escape Ecoboost, which enters showrooms later this year.  Click either of the images below to enlarge.

The Focus Electric is a fun little car with about a hundred miles of range per charge.  The batteries are slung low on the chassis and balanced by mounting them behind the rear seating (motor and controllers are up front in front-wheel-drive configuration).  This creates a stable, fun drive that was a blast to shoot through the cone slaloms they’d set up in the Pepsi Center parking lot.

The Escape EcoBoost is a complete makeover for this venerable SUV from Ford.  It’s styled more like a crossover with much better economy and more power output despite the much more highly efficient drive train thanks to EcoBoost technology.  It was a lot of fun to drive and handled like a sports car, despite its size.  Acceleration is great and the ride is smooth.

2 comments on “Checking Out the Ford Focus Electric and Escape EcoBoost
  1. Adam says:

    Ford did a good job on styling with Focus and new Escape.

    • Aaron Turpen says:

      Ya they did. The Focus doesn’t look like the typical subcompact anymore and the Escape’s new look is a lot less boxy.

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